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  1. Jimo

    For Sale 20” Batribike Trike for sale

    Hi Guys & Gals, My 20” wheeled Batribike Trike is for sale, it’s batteries are good having been renewed 18 months ago, I bought this bike for my wife who at 86 has not ridden it but has made an elasticated rain cover for its rear basket. Unlike many trikes the 20” wheeled Batribike goes easily...
  2. Jimo

    BB Quartz - Fork suspension seized

    I bought my Quartz a year ago but havn’t ridden it yet due to medical probs following a h/a, I had to move the bike yesterday (to make way for a new freezer delivery), I noticed when moving it that the front forks appeared solid where they should be telescopic and have at least some movement...
  3. Jimo

    Quartz for sale....e Bay

    Hi guys, Just found this Quartz on the bay... very much worth a look - or GRAB...
  4. Jimo

    Batribike Trike 20

    I wish to sell my wife’s Batribike Trike 20, I know this is not the right thread to advertise but I’ve had extreme trouble trying in vein to use the allotted section - that keeps saying SERVER FAILURE when I hit ‘Post’. I wrote a lot about the bike and photo’d It - just in case so photo is...
  5. Jimo

    For Sale Batribike Trike 20”

    Jimo submitted a new listing: Batribike Trike 20” - Batribike Trike 20” Learn more about this listing...
  6. Jimo

    Hours Run metre to measure Chassis run time - NOT Volts or Amps on e-FOLDi bike

    I’ve had my two eFOLDi Mk 1.5 scooters since mid April 2019, one for me and one for wife as we both have mobility problems - especially when visiting hospitals and the like where distances between car parks and premises can be up to 1/2 mile.... Beautiful machines in every way. Both machines...
  7. Jimo

    Batribike Trike 20

    Last Christmas I bought a Batribike Trike 20 for my 84 year young wife, so far she has not ridden it because we have found out that its FWD will not travel up a lengthy pebblestone drive, in fact it’s wheel spins like hell. I thought about transferring the driven wheel to the rear where most of...
  8. Jimo

    Nearly an e-Bike?

    My problem is having a heart condition that causes me chest pain whenever I exert myself - ie when I walk more than three car lengths, or lift anything of reasonable weight, by the way being 81 and already having seven coronary stents my Dr. describes me as being only half hearted! Great - it...
  9. Jimo

    Slow leak on 20” e-rear wheel

    The last time I repaired a puncture on a bicycle was 70+ years ago on a 26” cycle wheel, I’ve never had or messed with a Shimano or derailure system.... But have repaired many m/c tire punctures but its not the same thing is it? Firstly my Quartz e-bike 20” folder does not want to stand...
  10. Jimo

    Cyclist kicks cyclist into parked car!

    This happened on 10 March 2019
  11. Jimo

    Wear Yellow Jacket for SAFETY......? and get assaulted or Jailed!

    We now have a ‘reversed situation’ where one-time yellow safety vest wearing could easily lead to being wrongly accused of anti-Semitic behaviour and the like, so what should we do? Stay indoors? Jim
  12. Jimo

    Real Bicycle Bells These are real bells but some sellers are trying it on...... the best of them (Lucas) used to cost less than five bob ! Jim
  13. Jimo

    Quartz bike Wanted

    Hi guys, last November I bought a Quartz on the ‘bay’ after having the battery re-celled by Jimmy its ready to go for the summer, but I would like another for a relative who has become housebound because of having to provide full time care for his wife who suffers with severe altzimers disease...
  14. Jimo

    Inflating Battery

    Hi guys, my bike is a Batribike Quartz, yesterday I had the battery top off to refit the lock previously removed to have new keys made, refitting the lock took about 20 minutes including a ‘tea break’, when I attempted to replace the box’s lid I was a bit horrified to see that the batteries had...
  15. Jimo

    Batribike Trike - NO FUSE!

    Hi all, I’ve just taken delivery of my wife’s Chrissy present, a used Batribike Trike 20, its previous owner claims it had new cells during his ownership.... As one does with all new acquisitions I set about giving it a good clean - and in the process removing its battery to clean it. Examining...
  16. Jimo

    SPOKES FOR 20” Batribike Wheels

    While winter is here and I’m not riding I’m trying to amass suficient spares to keep my Quartz bike going indefinately, I’ve read several stories of Batribike spokes having broken so I’m looking for suppliers of suitable replacements as spares. Any information of where toget them would be...
  17. Jimo

    LITELOK ‘Sold Secure’ Approved .........except

    I’ve just taken out two insurance policies through YellowJersey . com within which one is offered the opportunity to purchase at a slightly reduced cost £85 odd a LITELOK security device which is rather like a steel strap encased in a plastic mesh, a photo of the device in use shows it threaded...
  18. Jimo

    E-cycle info readout

    When it comes to technical info regarding cycling I’m a complete newcomer, about all I can achieve is reading my watch! I’ve not cycled for about 50 years but am really looking forward to riding my new? BB Quartz folder and being able to see my achievement at having covered X miles, at moment I...
  19. Jimo

    E-bike rider insurance & e-bike insurance views are appreciated

    I feel conserned that I should have liability insurance even more when riding my e- bike, of course I have it for my motorcycles and car but not at the moment for the e-bike, also have no insurance for the bike itself which is a 2011 Batribike Quartz, any leads on ins companies who might deal...
  20. Jimo

    HMRC Invalid relief

    Today I contemplated buying a 20” e-trike for my wife who at 84 has balance difficulties and cannot ride a normal bike, firstly I was after a folding 20” e-trike from Yorvik cycles in York. First disappointment I found was that despite the trike’s folding frame there was no way it would pass...