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    Motor controller, uk stockist.

    Anyone know where in the UK I can obtain a 500w 48v 22amp controller,as I need one ASAP please. Already ordered one from china but will be a long wait coming and prefer Julei waterproof plugs.
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    Hailong battery external fuse?

    I have a new 48v 17.5amh hailong battery with Panasonic GA cells.What rating external fuse should be fitted to protect the internal bms. I ask because the bms has evidently given up,according to Jimmy at Insat and will have to go back for investigation. The battery powers a 500w bpm rear hub...
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    I replaced a perfectly working lcd3 screen with a lcd8s (entered the same numbers etc.) and found the PAS would not work consistently,it would cut in and out randomly,fitted the lcd8h still the same.I went back to the lcd3 works great,but would prefer one of the aforementioned colour screens...
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    Where to splice into!

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    Where else,other than BMS Battery, can I buy.......

    a 18/20amp controller that fits onto the 48v 11.6amp 09 case battery please.Or, is there an easier way to buy one from BMS as a replacement/spare.
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    Kalkhoff Endeavour.........Breaking Up

    2014 Model S Classic Bosch motor U/S .Other parts for sale/offers ask what! 2 400wh batteries still show 25 + miles range on turbo setting.
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    King Meter

    Where in the uk can I buy a King Meter J LCD please fitted with waterproof plug end?
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    Display compatability

    I have a Kunteng 36v 500w 9mos square wave controller that is not compatable with a KTLCD3.Does anyone have an idea what display would be compatable please?
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    Tektro Auriga brakes

    Has anyone managed to fit motor cut-offs to these hidraulic brakes,made harder because of their shape/design.
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    Does this require a new controller?

    After fitting a Panda Pro 500 to a bike these problems arose.There was no road speed indicated on the screen as well as no battery indication and new wiring harness and screen gave the same result.
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    I have a 2012 Kalkhoff Endevour that now needs a new motor.Do I spend almost £600 for a new motor,taking into consideration the age of the bike,or buy a bike and convert to hub motor for equivalent money value.The fault with the Bosch motor is the large plastic internal gear is smashed and I...
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    Tonaro Enduro,breaking for parts

    Now unavailable. Gone to John!
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    Spacer washers!

    Are wheel/ axle spacer washers,14mm x 12mm flats x 3-4mm thick available and is there a name for this type of washer? TIA....Alan
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    Pedal assist sensor

    Are pas voltage specific ie.would one that was fitted to a 36volt bike work ok on a 48v conversion?
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    Controller wiring?

    I now have a Conhismotor 48v 500w controller and lcd panel for the upgrading of the Tonaro.Before I start trying to fathom the wiring of the controller myself (this will be my first build),does anyone have an inkling where all the wires connect to? TIA.......atheo
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    48volt Tonaro

    Hi I'm seriously considering buying a 48v 10amp battery for the Tonaro,and I was wondering if I will need to upgrade the stock controller.I have a throttle fitted but tend to use the Pas more TIA...... ll
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    Bosch nut

    Anyone know where I`m able to buy a metal chain wheel retaining nut to replace the plastic Bosch one please? Pt. No. TIA
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    I`m trying to alter the ................

    clock setting on a Bosch Intuvia.Any ideas please? SORTED NOW.
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    The Tonaro`s weakest part/point..............

    I`d say has to be the clutch bearing in the outer drive sprocket housing.Apart from making sure the gear going up hill is not too high to put a strain upon it,what else could cause me to break 3 of these.I`ve now had a replacement bike since Christmas and have just had to replace another(making...
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    My Tonaro drive unit..............

    emits an annoying squeal when ridden/pedaled with the power on or off, and I`ve lubed almost everything but to no avail.Its only when its under load that its heard,ie when its spun stationary its quiet.Any ideas what or where to look/do as I don`t want the hassel of sending it back as its only...