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    Help! I need more power (not speed)

    Hi Everyone I need more power when I hit an incline/hill. For some lovely twist of fate I get 20mph on the flat and I love the kit. I want to maintain that as soon as I get on a hill, it drops off to 10/8mph, etc, I hate it. My job all boils down to how quick I get to a place. What is the best...
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    Bike recommendations & info for Deliveroo work please

    Hi Everyone I am looking to get an Electric Bike in about 2/3 months for Deliveroo work. I've never had one and am currently using a Specialised TriCross road shape with Disc breaks, etc Please can you give me some info/advice/pointers, etc on how they work and what would be best for the...
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    Hi from Exeter

    HI Everyone Steve from Exeter, unfit 47 year old just started Deliveroo looking into Electric bike in the next 2/3 months ;) Doing my research, etc Looking forward to many a chat on here