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    Help! PowaCycle Lynx front rack/basket.

    I had a look on Pedalpro's website, but found their baskets aredesigned to fit on the handlebars, not the brackets on the Powacycle's front fork crown. I can't tell whether that's the case with yours. I'd want a bigger basket, anyway. Thanks all the same.
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    Help! PowaCycle Lynx front rack/basket.

    My PowaCycle Lynx has brackets at the front which I thought might be useful for attaching a front basket. However, PowaCycle simply replied that they do not sell accessories for their bikes. A Google search turned up precisely one relevant picture (and a zillion irrelevant ones). Most bike...
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    Brake light.

    I have one which is based on an ordinary LED rear light. The name on it is Knightlite. The switch clips onto the rear brake mechanism, so it will work with any bike, not just a pedelec. Mind you, mine's about 15 years old, so may not still be in production.