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  1. pentiumofborg

    Seemingly blind car drivers driving out of side streets at bikes at night

    Last Friday night, I thought I'd be considerate and refrain from shining my headlight into driver's eyes... and a car pulled out right in front of me, again - while looking in my direction - from a side road on the left. Didn't see me. I'd prefer not to dazzle drivers with my headlight, when I...
  2. pentiumofborg

    Best waterproof Bafang male 5 pin connector type?

    Blast. The male connector broke, as I was removing the programming cable. What remains of the male connector works fine, but is no longer waterproof. I would simply solder the wires, but I may need to re-program again. Is there a better quality waterproof connector available of this type, or...
  3. pentiumofborg

    Bafang BBS01b throttle speed test - Dahon Helios P8 (old version)

    I am not Kendo Nagasakiii, but he has an identical bike to mine - Dahon Helio P8 (the old P8) with a 250w 36V Bafang BBS01b, which weighs just under 20kg with a 19.2ah battery. Coincidentally - Kendo is exactly my weight, having lost over 2.5 stones. Kendo Nagasakiii has no wish to become like...
  4. pentiumofborg

    Best bicycle navigation software?

    I like to take scenic routes, while avoiding trouble spots and big roundabouts. I've been using Sygic (actually bought it), but there is no way of setting "Walking "as the persistent global default... any time I plan a new route, I have to switch it from "Driving" to "Walking" routes, because...
  5. pentiumofborg

    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    VFR recommended the Zefal Cyclops, which looked very good, but I bought the slightly larger mirrored Zefal Dooback 2 because of my eyes... and it's brilliant! Installation was very slightly tricky - lots of force was required to get the damn thing into the end of my handlebar. I couldn't find...
  6. pentiumofborg

    Do bike thief scum steal displays?

    I haven't had cause to leave my bike locked up in a public space yet, but I'm wondering if in addition to using a long D lock, a long thick cable through both wheels, and removing the battery... if I should also remove the display? It's a pain to remove - undone using one of two pairs of tiny...
  7. pentiumofborg

    Can I use lightweight wheels on a mid drive - without catastrophic consequences?

    My rims are looking thin and will need replacing soon. Would a BBS01b wreck these lightweight wheels and kill me?
  8. pentiumofborg

    Use Swarfega on Oil Stained Hi Viz?

    Has anyone tried to remove oil stains on hi viz waterproofs using Swarfega? I may be about to. Washing three times has not worked. They're soaking in bicaronate of soda, but that doesn't seem to be working.
  9. pentiumofborg

    Military buying phone app tracking data

    I wonder how much of the data collected from ebikes with phone control or tracking, is being sold to the military of various countries, like so many of the other apps?
  10. pentiumofborg

    My first bike accident in 33 years!

    A couple of hours ago, in a town far, far away... I was proceeding in a southerly direction at a perfectly legal 15mph, when a tree root sprang into existence under the tarmac, shrouded in inky darkness. I went over the handlebars (scratched my Bafabg c18 display on the way) and landed on my...
  11. pentiumofborg

    Can anyone recommend a good ebike repair and battery construction book(s)?

    I hate depending on other people to repair things. I actually managed to repair my washing machine last year, somehing I'd never attempted before and I fixed it eventually - took me ages. A professional repair would have cost more than buying a new one. I'm constantly having to learn new...
  12. pentiumofborg

    How about £3,000 to give up your car for an ebike?

    Would you do it?
  13. pentiumofborg

    How To Mount A Junstar Headlight Onto Handlebars Cheaply (Bafang BBS01b)

    This might be useful to someone On lit roads, a headlamp is make you more noticable to drivers. Offroad, it's to actually light your way... but the Junstar headlight doesn't come with a handlebar bracket - so I made one out of the two brackets supplied with totally useless but cheap rearview...
  14. pentiumofborg

    While riding a pedelec, has anyone been pulled over by the Police?

    So far, I've been completely ignored by the Police and I'm seriously considering re-attaching the throttle on my BBS01b and setting the speed limit to 999mph. Has anyone here actually been stopped by the Police?
  15. pentiumofborg

    Worst Pedelec Accident?

    I haven't had one yet on a pedelec. Please feel free to ignore my morbid curiosity on the subject....
  16. pentiumofborg

    Fastest ebike charge?

    ... if they can charge an EV in "5 Minutes": ...a little ebike battery would likely take seconds?
  17. pentiumofborg

    After ebike conversion, has anyone had a higher rate of broken spokes or bent wheels?

    Has anyone's bicycle had a higher incidence of broken spokes/bent wheels/other wheel damage, as a direct result of adding an ebike kit to their bicycle? I haven't ever had any broken spokes on my Dahon Helios P8, which still has it's originals wheels... but now I'm thinking of swapping my wheels...
  18. pentiumofborg

    What ebike security do you use?

    How do you lock yours? I don't ever intend to leave my folding bike anywhere, but have a D-lock and a long cable to secure both wheels. I'll be carrying my 22.7kg Dahon Helios P8 folding bike on a folding trolley - the only way my bike can be stolen is if I'm mugged, either while riding it or...
  19. pentiumofborg

    To Loctite, or not to Loctite?

    How many of you Loctite your motor bolts? I noticed all of the bolts in my kit arrived with a little band of blue pre-applied loctite-like threadlocker. The bolts were a bugger to take off later on... Should I Loctite them again or is that going to cause a buildup of Loctite debris? I did...
  20. pentiumofborg

    Bafang torque sensor mod?

    The Bafang BSS01b is great but could be better with a torque sensor. How about pressure pads (perhaps piezo-electric?) on the pedals, connected to the unused throttle cable via a measuring circuit? The measuring circuit design and output wouldn't need to be too sophisticated, because the...