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    Help! Important Question about DD Hub Motor Spacers

    Does anyone know the actual thread size on the 14MM Axles Im trying to get a custom threaded spacer that fits between the cassette and frame. I am using a normal unthreaded spacer thats 14mm 20 diameter and 21MM the problem with this is when I tighten the axle bolts to secure them the spacer...
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    Where to get Statorade Ferrotec APG1110 in UK

    I did my first ebike conversion recently and while looking up questions about waterproofing I found the mention of ferrofluid. also known as Statorade or Ferrotec APG1110 unfortunate for me is it seems to be in bulk or imported from Australia at triple the price so i was wondering has...
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    China conversion kit , Import Costs?

    Hello just wondering what the costs are like to get a conversion kit from china. My main concern is import charges to the UK I would search other threads but site says error when open search links. this is my first build so i want to make it clean. annoying UK sellers dont seem to have 700c...