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    Extending arm to reduce chance of been hit by overtaking car

    Do you mean something like this?
  2. E-Wheels

    Interesting holiday idea?

    Maybe a chain tensioner?
  3. E-Wheels

    Rear rack

    This one may work
  4. E-Wheels

    Crank lateral play

    Is the movement in the F-a (axial) direction or F-r (radial) direction
  5. E-Wheels


    Would certainly help if you updated the post subject line with some relevant text
  6. E-Wheels

    Kalkhoff unreliability

    Possibly the same thing Not much is “made” in Germany these days The majority of parts are supplied ex Asia and possibly assembled in Germany
  7. E-Wheels

    Hill Starts

    Start off in your lowest (easiest to pedal) gear and use your throttle
  8. E-Wheels

    Tyre Help (very basic stuff, sorry)

    Make sure you get tubes with the same stem They will be either Presta or Schrader
  9. E-Wheels

    Help! Double kickstand help

    What about something like this which are very popular with bike riders in Japan
  10. E-Wheels

    What is This!

    Its a valve core removal tool
  11. E-Wheels

    Recommend me an iPhone holder for middle of handlebars
  12. E-Wheels

    Lightest Electric Bike

    Have you looked at the new Specialized Turbo Vado SL coming in at 15kg
  13. E-Wheels

    Drive Train

    Do you mean something like the Bike2
  14. E-Wheels

    Let’s see your car rack carriers

    Thumbs up for the Thule carrier I got this one which works really well
  15. E-Wheels

    Rohloff or not to Rohloff.

    Have a read here for mixed reviews Nothing is bullet proof and over time, whatever combination you choose will need to be maintained or repaired. You need to consider the level of...
  16. E-Wheels

    E-Bike for Daily Commute

    Caveat Emptor Exercise caution with the models with the Impulse matter how tempting the price may be
  17. E-Wheels

    Suntour suspension seat posts with gel seat

    This is exactly what I do
  18. E-Wheels

    Shaving legs

    If you want to shave your legs, just do it! Why do you need a reason?
  19. E-Wheels

    more bikes on road
  20. E-Wheels

    Oh no! (Steepest road has changed continents)

    These guys don’t need an ebike This one does