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  1. Artstu

    Specialized Creo

    I just wondered if anyone on here was running a Specialized Creo or Levo yet? with the small 240 watt motor and 340 wh battery, they are rather expensive at the moment.
  2. Artstu

    Another battery technology forecast

    Much improved energy density Is this finally the breakthrough...
  3. Artstu

    What kind of bike can do over 100 miles?

    and go up hills over 3 times faster than my best efforts.
  4. Artstu

    EU to vote on mandatory e-bike insurance

    I've not seen this mentioned here ?
  5. Artstu

    Exploding Pinarello
  6. Artstu

    Zello Pedelec channel

    I thought a channel on Zello might appeal to those who like to chat, I hear plenty of people chatting in cars so with the right gadgets linked to your smart phone it must be possible to do so on a bike, or from the comfort of your sofa. Channel name is - Pedelecs ride and chat UK...
  7. Artstu

    Ribble carbon e-bike
  8. Artstu

    Pinarello Nytro e-bike video review

    Sadly lacking in detail.
  9. Artstu

    No chain, It'll never catch on

    I don't like this idea at all.
  10. Artstu

    Orbea Gain
  11. Artstu

    Fuzua Evation drive system

    Looks like an interesting concept.
  12. Artstu

    New Yamaha powered e-bikes at £1399

    Cheapest Yamaha powered bike I've seen. I'd have had one if I did some off-road stuff. The link is for the Giant Store Sheffield on Facebook. Guessing they'll be in lots of other Giant retailers too.
  13. Artstu

    Everesting again, British record

    Local cyclist and bike shop owner Sam Clark made an Everesting challenge yesterday, he completed it and set a new British record. Well done Sam. 92 reps on the hill.
  14. Artstu

    I don't think much to the coating on the Bosch motors

    They don't make things to last these days, perhaps I should throw the bike away and buy a new one. Also time to delve inside again.
  15. Artstu

    Looks like I missed the pub night.

    I see there was some banter in the pub last night. I'm not much of a drinker so glad I went to watch another win. She beat all the boys, including the wobbly one just in front in this shot. He just pipped her to a win by the narrowest margin last week, she didn't let that happen this week. :)
  16. Artstu

    Shimano Alfine service

    My friend dropped her Dahon Cadenza folding MTB off with me to do the front wheel bearing, I've cleaned them up and attempted to save the hub, hopefully it'll be okay. Next the headstock was almost solid, the lower race was worn out, new headstock now fitted. Next the bottom bracket had play...
  17. Artstu

    Bosch made the VW emission cheating dongle.

    I see that Autocar car are reporting that the device VW used to cheat the emissions was made by Bosch. The newspaper is also reporting that it has seen a letter in which VW supplier Bosch warned the VW Group in 2007 that the software was illegal for road use, and highlighting that it was only...
  18. Artstu

    I'm sure I saw an EN15194 sticker

  19. Artstu

    Cable operated hydraulic disc brakes

    I'd heard about these before. Perhaps a perfect solution for e-bike on cable disc brakes as standard. That's on a nice steel framed Raleigh bike
  20. Artstu

    Climb Everest in one day

    One of our local riders did a charity ride yesterday on a local hill to climb the height of Everest, he had to climb Snake Pass 27 times to achieve it ! I guess he might be a bit stiff this morning.