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  1. mephisto

    Project: Carrera Kraken conversion with BBSHD

    Hi guys, I'm beginning the project to convert a Carrera Kraken which is about 6 years old I believe and has been gathering dust for a while. After researching a lot I'm thinking about a mid drive motor as if later on I feel like using in another bike I can easily do. My idea was to first get a...
  2. mephisto

    advice on BBSHD and alternatives to build a touring/hybrid bike

    Hey guys, I'm planning to build something similar looking to a Kudos Stealth as I want a frame that is something between a road bike and a touring bike as I normally just ride road bikes. So far my research has been leading...
  3. mephisto

    ebike newbie looking for conversion kits and tips

    Hi guys, I have a commute of 11 miles each way and at 2 spots I have a gradient of 6% which I managed to cycle normally at 12mph when climbing and between 21-24mph on flats. My idea is for middle of winder and rainy/windy days to get the ebike out. My problem is the lack of assistance after...