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    Hello all with a Planet X ebike

    Looks smart, I've bought a few times from Planet X and have always had good service & items (decent prices - even better if it's on of their sales). I've often cycled from Seaburn to Sunderland, a lovely ride along the coast, fairly flat but can be windy. Enjoy your new bike :cool:
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    help for Suspension for front of bike and also under seat

    I got suspension forks from here for about £25 last year, quality is basic but dcent, spend as much as you want once you know your sizes etc
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    New VAT rules for overseas sellers supplying goods to UK customers - Any experiences yet?

    for info - EU parliment is backing the UK trade deal, not sure if it will have any impact on us importing but now you know :)
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    Conversion fitters in Liverpool

    A friend paid a local "expert" to do a conversion for her, it cost her a fortune and most of what she got was cheap junk or mis-matched parts. Doing it yourself isn't too dificult if you are mechanically minded. Your idea to trade your bike in is another simple solution.
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    I have 2x Yose rear wheels, 1 KT kit, 1 Lisui kit - and can swap my wheels between my kits. *IF* the connections in the kit you're looking at match mine and are wired the same way you should be ok to swap them. Some wheels come with short (30cm?) cables, my Yose have longer (70cm?) cables -...
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    To build or buy? Trying to make a shopping list

    Hi, fair point about mountain bike / hybrid - you have a better idea of what will suit you, now & in the future. I've not found any difference on braking after changing tyres but I ride fairly gentle so no emergency stops etc, one surprise is how quickly the brake pads wear down (big heavy bike...
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    To build or buy? Trying to make a shopping list

    Hi, if your off-road is mainly gravel tracks or similar maybe look at a hybrid bike. A mountain bike makes sense if you're using it for proper off-road. I'm same height as you and similar weight, I'm using a decent 29er mountain bike on a mix of B-roads and gravel tracks but soon realised that a...
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    ^ @Sturmey many thanks. I had seen L* parameters mentioned but had only found P & C settings on my LCD4, have just checked and found L* :) Edit: The LCD3 & LCD4 manuals I have looked at don't show L* parameters, for info see...
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    Hi, I spent a while trying to trace a simlar problem on my motor, yours has lots of insulation which is nice but makes testing difficult. It looks like all your black earth cables go into a single joint with heatshrink over - that might be the easiest place to get your meter probes. I added an...
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    Upgrading an existing ebike

    Hi Ian. I'm no expert but did something similar - see the Dutch bike in my signature. I spent time patching up the original 24V system before upgrading to a new 36V battery with matching rack, new controller & display, brake levers, PAS sensor and a new wheel. I kept only the wiring harness...
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    Software updates.

    Hi Ian, I did something similar with a failing 24v Dutch Town Bike (link in my signature) but ended up fitting a whole new 36v kit I was given (including a new but weak motor), the big difference is the battery range & strength. I'm planning to refit the now repaired 24v wheel at some point so I...
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    Wheel Rims - ERD reference list

    Bumping this thread as the info is still useful but the links have been changed. New link Archived version of the original single-page list (very long) Hope it helps :)
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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    I just ordered one of these earlier today, it should fit on your seatpost without raising it, think I got the last one but for info ...
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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    Is that a Frog battery? I've seen similar mounted vertically on the seatpost - if the clamp is designed to work vertical that could explain why it's loose on your horizontal handlebars. I have tried fitting things on my bars in the past but find it's the worst place to put extra weight. I would...
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    Software updates.

    Not bike specifc but the best software advice is above "If it isn't broke - don't fix it". I've found new problems after doing updates on a variety of electronics including phones, mobiles & tablets, pc's, even TV equipment. If yours is working ok I'd say leave well alone and enjoy your new...
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    Best bicycle navigation software?

    I use Navmii for driving and everything else but it's not ideal for cycling Pro's: it's free, simple and reliable, it works offline (download maps to your smartphone then no need for wifi or network coverage), it remembers your last "mode" (walking, driving, etc) Con's...
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    Selling a fold-up E-bike but where do I get a box to post it in?

    Local bike shop of Halfrauds etc ... they're normally very heppy to give away bike boxes, if you are lucky you might get one before it has been torn open or squashed for their recycling.
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    Recommend me a new 700C rear wheel ( or rebuild 26" hub?)

    Thanks @Nealh - I've been waiting for replies from a couple of people in UK hoping I can avoid buying from China but no luck (hence my slow replies - apologies !). Cost of new hubs is a more than I was expecting, bare motors are approx Euro 100 + 40 postage, built wheels are £120 + same again...
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    By seized by police!

    The police are not doing themselves any favours these days, about 5 years ago (normal bike not electric), I was stopped (5pm on a wet Sunday in February) for cycling at walking pace in a town centre - all shopppers and pedestrians were indoors where it was warm and dry so paths were deserted. I...