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    Larry vs Harry Bullitt BBS01B 17.5Ah

    I am very happy with my first DIY e-bike conversion! All in all I spent £2700, including a second hand bullitt and delivery, BBS01B + 17.5Ah battery from Woosh, various clamps, mounts, adapters, tape and some new spokes as the rear wheel hadn't been put together correctly.
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    Safety when battery is disconnected

    I recently converted my bike to electric with a Bafang BBS01B kit. I removed the battery and unscrewed the mounting plate to adjust something and the screw touched + to - and it sparked. I hadn't considered motors were capacitive. I have a 1.5 year old kid that seems to love the battery cables...
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    Newbie Electrifying a Bullitt

    Found this community whilst investigating DIY electric bike conversion. Only been lurking a couple of days but been considering an electric cargo bike for a year or so and a few weeks ago got a Larry vs Harry Bullitt second hand that I'm thinking of electrifying myself. Current thoughts are to...