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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    ...and is it true it shouldn't be used with Presta valves?..... Thanks in advance
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    Insurance issue with stolen e bikes

    Just been reading this article which is all about somebody who has two bikes half inched from his garage. One is an e bike. The insurers are paying for the non e bike and the damage to the garage door, but not the e bike, because it is motorised and therefore not covered. Apologies if I'm...
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    Cycling in icy/snowy conditions

    Does anybody attempt it? If so, how do you get on and how can you avoid going over? A few weeks ago my wheels went from under me while cornering slowly on a frosty patch of smooth ground. Hurt leg slightly, but fortunately nothing worse. Then a week or so back I tried cycling in the snow -...
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    Walk assist

    Has anybody ever had cause to use this function? I did earlier tonight. I'm in a support bubble with a friend and her Mum. She had spent the afternoon with me at my house, and we decided to walk back to her house, which is about 2 miles away, and I'd take my bike, walk it to hers, and then...
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    New cycleways springing up - thoughts?

    Noticed that in quite a few towns now, sections of some main roads are being set aside for the exclusive use of cyclists, and I was just wondering what the more experienced cyclists on here thought about them. I'm personally not too sure. The lane is quite narrow, so I'd be worried about...
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    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    A colleague has recommended them to me, but I'm honestly not sure. There's such a massive choice out there, and I don't want to make a mistake. He's got a Juicy "ticket" apparently. Says it's great. I've had a look at their website but like any manufacturer they're always going to recommend...