ado a20

  1. belfastbiker

    Review ADO A20 review for 150kg fat b'stards.

    Hi! After a few false starts (shock supplied new was rusted as hell), finally got out on the ADO A20 for a proper run. I'm 150kg, so 30kg past the weight limit for the bike. I expected immediate snakebite punctures or instantly collapsing pedals to be the main issue, but so far, it's...
  2. belfastbiker

    Help! Metal flat platform non-folding pedals foe ADO A20?

    ADO A20 seems to come with non-metal folding pedals, couple reviewers showed that they had a fair bit of play in them. I'm heavy enough to have my own satellites, so would like to swap right away once bike arrives for a non-folding metal pair. Haven't been into bikes for years, I'm gathering...