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    Help! Where's life at these days? Conversion for a cargo bike

    Hello I have the chance of getting an allotment. It is too far to walk, and I will have luggage (I could drive, but that misses the point). I'd like an eBike. Requirements: Rider weight is 130kg (actually a lot less at the minute, but let's assume I could put the weight back on). I expect to...
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    Help! Weight limit/strain on converted e-bike

    Hi everyone, I'm still pretty new to e-bikes, so I'm aware this may be a daft question - but here goes. I have a hybrid converted with a midrive Bafang BBS02. The battery and motor together add a good 10kg to the frame. I'm wondering if anyone has found adding loaded pannier racks to their E-...
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    How do I move country with a electric bike?

    Hi First time poster. I search the forum but was unable to find a lot of up to date information on the issue. Sorry if this is a FAQ. I live in Glasgow but have decided to move back to Norway. My electric bicycle with a 500Wh battery proved to be a problem. Fly is not go, I cannot bring with me...