1. S

    Carrera Crossfire E 2.0 (2021 Model) VS Woosh Gran-Camino

    Hi! I will be going to Nottingham in September for University. I plan on getting an eBike there for commute mainly on bike lanes. I’m 5′ 7″ and weigh around 68KG. I have never searched bikes themselves properly before and I used to ride for fun on cheap bikes around 5 years ago (and before...
  2. A

    Carrera Vengeance-E 2.0 Display Turning Off

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum. I've joined because I've now owned a Carrera Vengeance-E 2.0 for about two months, and I've started to notice a few niggles. The main thing is that from time to time, probably about 1-3 times in a 2 hour ride, the display turns itself off completely, although...
  3. J

    Carrera Crossfire with Bafang BBS01b ?

    Has anyone made this conversion? I am worried the chain won't align properly and I might need to upgrade to the bling ring. I have the kit arriving on Monday. Thanks
  4. J

    Carrera Crossfire E with broken anti rotation washer

    Hey all, I've had my crossfire E for a little over two years but only really used it the first year due to lockdown. Anyway its now a month out of warranty and on a short bike ride to the supermarket, the anti rotation washer that fits inside the freewheel has broken in two so there is nothing...
  5. D

    Help! Carrera Crosscity - No pedal Drive

    I have a three-year old Carrera Crosscity. Lately I have been experiencing a lack of drive whilst pedalling, i.e. using the chain and when not using the motor. On these occasions I have been able to continue under electric power alone, by merely moving the pedals. I’m assuming therefore that...
  6. M

    Carrera Subway charger

    Good morning everyone, I have a carrera subway ebike and I plugged the charger into it last night and when I come to take it off today one of the delicate pins has snapped :( it’s a really fiddly charger anyway, has been since day one where you have to pushthe 3 pins in and then screw the head...
  7. JohnSear

    Help! Suntour HESC ATS Carrera Crossfire E - E21 Error (again)

    The classic 'Torque Sensor electrical problem' I've recently had the Torque sensor replaced at Halfords (for the 2nd time in 9 months) and while this has cured the consistent E21 errors I was getting I'm still getting intermittent ones. Given lock-down I'm using my E-bike to get my goverment...
  8. Jam-jam

    Battery for Carrera Subway E

    Hi all, sorry for newbie questions but I'm brand new to ebike world. Just bought Halfords Carrera Subway E, and I'm not 100% happy with range. I'm squeezing 30 miles out of it when on steady setting (2nd assist level) and if I go to high it drops down to 20 miles only (halfords wepage claims 60...
  9. C

    Help choosing my first Ebike

    I'm looking to get back in to cycling after 10 years of driving. I want to get rid of my car as I only use it for work and shopping. I use the train and buses a lot to travel but want to start biking to keep myself fit and venture out further than I normally would. I'm looking to use it mainly...
  10. JohnSear

    Carrera Crossfire E21 Error

    I know this bike gets somewhat mixed reviews due to the cutting-out problems. After reading lots of online comments I was reasonably happy that the problems are often related to lose connections and often cable ties have seemed to solve the issue. So I went for a 2nd hand one on ebay. Looks in...
  11. F

    Help! Carrera Vengeance E issues

    Hi I'm new to the forum and I have been searching the Web for the last few weeks trying to solve an issue I'm having with my one year old carrerra vengeance e. The handle bar controller (a bafang 790 I belive) got damaged and had water ingress I have purchased a replacement from halfords after...
  12. C

    Carrera CrossCity E removing battery?

    I’m sure I’m being daft but has anyone else struggles to remove the battery from their Crosscity E. I’ve turned the key and I still can’t get it out. Is there a latch somewhere I am misssing?
  13. J

    Hi - I have joined this forum because I really need help

    Hi I used to cycle a fair amount when I was younger. I am now late 50's and not as fit. I am Horse riding fit rather than cycling fit. I also live on top of the North Downs. Every ride I go on means that I have a very long hill on my way home. I am also recovering fitness after Chemo...
  14. M

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I have just changed from a Carrera Vanquish (disc) road bike to a Carrera Crossfire-E for my 17 mile commute (each way). I have used a Cycle To Work scheme (Cyclescheme) to fund it and wanted to stay in the £1000 limit which didn't leave many options. I am mid forties and...
  15. CdRsKuLL

    How to add a throttle to a Carrera Vengeance E Spec

    UPDATED v1.1 code (30/05/2018) Improved the pulse conversion from the throttle Improved the pulse replication from the pedal So, with the kind help from Tony at I've been able to complete this little project. :) He supplied a thumb throttle and a replacement DH Sensor which is...