conversion kit 250w

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    Increase torque on a 250w

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and I'm wondering if there is any way of increasing the torque of a 250w mid drive motor so it can pull up hills better? Cheers
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    Lightweight kit from MTB (9 year old)

    Hi, I'm an enthusiast enduro rider, and I'm trying to get my son who is 9 years (and 145cm, approx 40kgs) more into mountain biking. He had a 24" mtb and I'm in the process of getting him a used 26" kids bike (approx size 13.5"). We live in a area with lots of smaller hills, which are small for...
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I would like to hear your recommendations and advice. In 1 or 2 weeks I will start a job as a Deliveroo delivery man, and I would love to mount a legal 250W electric kit on a sturdy steel bike. I haven't bought the bike yet but I already have an idea of what I...