1. belfastbiker

    Review ADO A20 review for 150kg fat b'stards.

    Hi! After a few false starts (shock supplied new was rusted as hell), finally got out on the ADO A20 for a proper run. I'm 150kg, so 30kg past the weight limit for the bike. I expected immediate snakebite punctures or instantly collapsing pedals to be the main issue, but so far, it's...

    how to destroy a ebike from aostirmotor

    we still wonder that if we can make a ebike which never be destroyed, so we need some one to help us to make a video on our ebike S18-1500W, of course free sample will be sendAostirmotor S18 full-suspension fat tire electric bike review
  3. artspeck

    For Sale Freego Martin City electric bike

    Freego Martin City step-through electric bike. Bafang MaxDrive 250W virtually silent HI-TORQUE centre crank motor for powerful assist and up to 80 mile range for excellent commuter or leisure transport. Powerful AUTOMATIC LIGHTS powered by main battery. 8 Speed Shimano Alivio gear cassette...
  4. S

    Carrera Crossfire E 2.0 (2021 Model) VS Woosh Gran-Camino

    Hi! I will be going to Nottingham in September for University. I plan on getting an eBike there for commute mainly on bike lanes. I’m 5′ 7″ and weigh around 68KG. I have never searched bikes themselves properly before and I used to ride for fun on cheap bikes around 5 years ago (and before...
  5. B

    Conversion kit fitting Bristol

    Hi everyone, I live in Bristol. i've bought a bike and had it converted by a guy nemed Chris i found on Google. Soon i'm going to buy a new bike and would like to move the kit from my current bike on the other one. Unfortunatly this guy is not available anymore. Is there anyone who can help me...
  6. A

    Help! Help me choose between two Cube emtb models

    Hi - I've been a road cyclist for 6 years and live in a hilly area. I am planning to switch to e-mtb since there are a lot of great trails around here and would benefit from the motor. I've narrowed it down to two Cube models 1) Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 - 2021 2) Cube Reaction...
  7. K

    Help with battery!

    Hi sorry to bother and this may sound stupid to an experienced person. I have a 48v 13ah downtube battery. Can I simply upgrade to 48v 17ah? Much appreciated!
  8. H

    For Sale Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 1 Open, 2021 model, xtra small

    This is the xtra small 2021 model that’s perfect for someone who is up to 5’5”. It’s beautifully made, petite, around 4 months old and covered 200 miles. The 27” tyres are puncture-resistant Hutchinson Python 2 and have also been slimed! Equipped with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a 400aH...
  9. D

    TCM motor lock ring is stuck!

    Hi there folks! I'm looking for some help in loosening the lock ring the mid motor that seems to be a TCM look a like mid drive! Can't get it loose, and the I need to disassemble the drive to change the clutch because it's broken. Maybe somebody knows any information about the tools required to...
  10. P

    For Sale Haibike xduro 29 inch for sale de restricted £1300

    Haibike Trekking Electric Bike ebike S pedalec 29 inch Bosch dong. Condition is "Used". Haibike xduro trekking large frame. (52cm) I’m 5 foot 10 inches. Perfect battery and motor only covered just over 1000 miles. Needs a service as gears need fine tuning in high range but can still useable in...
  11. J

    London self build - tips

    Hi all, First of all i am sure there is a thread similar to what i am going to post so apologies in advance if there is. I work in London doing some pretty long hours and I'm on my feet all day. Using the tube with covid is something I really want to avoid for obvious reasons. I purchased a...
  12. G

    Help! Ebike for Fibromyalgia / ME

    Hi, I currently have a Pendleton E-Bike which was my first ebike purchase. I love it but I've got to the stage I would like to upgrade. I have fibro & ME and at the moment tend to need the "assist" part on high which cuts down on the milage I get from the battery (1 get about 20miles with my...
  13. Murombew

    Get the correct wheel replacement for bike wheels

    Hello im using Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro HS379 DH Black 27.5 x 2.25 on an haibike trekking 8.0 2020 with a cassette shimano 12 speed do a you have wheel or wheel set that'll fit these my axel is length is 15mm
  14. H

    Help! Should I get an e-bike?

    Hi Guys My first post in this forum!!! My name is Hugo and nice to e-meet you all!! Hope you are doing great!!! I am based in the south-east of the UK and wondering if I should get an e-bike or not. so I would like to know what drives you to buy an e-bike, and how did you make this purchase...
  15. C


    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster. Currently riding to work on a 2nd hand cheapo bike with only 2 working gears, not much of a gear head but know how to change a tyre. Currently saving up to get myself either a mountain bike or an ebike. Hope to get to know you all better :D
  16. M

    Making a new pedal assist system for Ebike

    Hi everyone, I’m developing my new BLDC controller for Ebike and I want to share with you some of my progress, I have been working on the pedal assist system based on the cadence sensor and I tried to improve it and make a new Pedal assist system. This new system will scale well to your input...
  17. J


    Hi my name is James, I own an e-bike and e-scooter brand called Jolst and I just want to let you know about our all range of accessories but in particular our helmet. All of our helmets are fully adjustable and come equipped with high density EPS impact resistant foam not only keeping you safe...
  18. J


    Hi my name is James, I own an e-bike and e-scooter brand called Jolst and I just want to let you know about our great new fat tyre e-bike Vault. Vault comes equipped with new Kenda Juggernaut tyres capable of tackling all terrain making it our most versatile e-bike to date. We can guarantee...
  19. J

    For Sale Oxygen S-Cross MTB electric bike (AS NEW)

    £1150 12 months old. Located in London, Putney. A brilliant and totally effortless e-bike to ride. Unfortunately, I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. It has a throttle fitted, so no need to pedal at all and the bike is de-restricted (~24mph) so is very powerful up hills or on...
  20. N

    Rear Bike Rack advices

    What are people Thoughts & advices on buying Rear bike Rack Car type : Honda civic hybrid [saloon] I understand the towbar is one of the best option but i am due to sell my car in next 4 months , so thought its not a good idea to invest on towbar fitting with its labour Also my ebike is around...