1. M

    [HELP] Converting my GT chucker to an eBike

    Hello guys, I was hopping that some of you could help me since i'm a total noob to the ebike world :) I currently have a 2007 GT chucker 1.0 like the pic below but with some modifications, i currently ride another backwheel and i reid single speed both front and back I really love this bike...
  2. B

    Help! Ebike back hub motor help

    I’ve recently bought a second hand converted ebike and after about 2 days riding my back wheels suddenly became lose and after putting back on , every time I activate the throttle the back wheel spins off the bike , I believe the axle is spinning with the wheel please help , thanks
  3. L

    For Sale KTM Marina Cross 9 A4, 51cm, Mens Bosch electrics,| 138km, excellent condition - £1,250 ono

    KTM Marina Cross 9 A4, 51cm, Mens Bosch electrics | eMTB | eBike | Electric Bike. £1,250 ono One owner, purchased new from Evans Cycles in Cardiff in November 2016. Bike was purchased due to not being able to drive for medical reasons. Only used a handful of times (128km on odometer). Only...
  4. N

    A g

    Dear ladies and gents, I am about to equip my moutain bike with electric kit (rear hub, within 26" wheel) for the first time :) I wish to do it myself for fun, performance and budget reasons. The aim of my project is to use this bike every day, to go to work, that is 10km for away from home (so...
  5. LookingForEBike

    Help! Carrera Crosscity or folding e-bike experience?

    Hi, I've been looking at a few foldable or folding electric bikes at the lower end of the price range (£700 to £1400.) I've ridden the Rayleigh Stow-E-way and its very nice. the Apollo has in my opinion grumpy drive, running on when I'm not peddling and sometime stopping for 10 secs when I am...
  6. EZEGO

    Just Landed - EZEGO E-Bikes

    With commuting and leisure riders in mind, the EZEGO e-bike range comprises of stylish and robust bicycles at highly affordable prices. Comfortable palmwing grips, velo saddles, a variety of frame sizes, styles and specs means there is something for all riders. The EZEGO brand is new for 2019...
  7. Mark J

    For Sale Raleigh Forge Ebike - Large £300

  8. E

    Woosh Criticise my bike build and battery security concern

    Hello, i've just built my first ebike. It has a 1500W 48V motor and a 52V 20AH Battery. I've been able to reach almost 35mph. The brakes have magnetic sensors on each of them so the motor cuts out. I've just installed torque arms on the rear (not on this picture) and I keep the controller in...
  9. E

    Battery connector doesn't fit

    Hello, I just got my battery for my first build and was very excited to get it up and running but unfortunately the connector from the controller doesn't match the battery connectors. Another thing is that the wire is too short to even reach the connector anyway. I think I have two options...
  10. Rutland Cycling

    Great stock on Giant electric bikes!

    We have some great deals on Giant electric bikes at the moment, and great availability on sizing! If you're looking for an e-bike ahead of the summer, definitely worth checking these out. Plus there's 0% finance available on selected models so it's even easier to spread the cost. Have any...
  11. R

    Carbon forks - Specialised Crux E5 - Front hub 250w

    I need some advice. My cyclotricity 250w front hub conversion kit is on its way to me, and I've been searching for steel forks to swap out on my Crux E5. It's proving very difficult (for a n00b like me) as Specialised don't seem to make swapping out the fork particularly easy. So I have a few...
  12. Bearing Man

    Hi from the Bearing Man

    As a relative newbie on this site, I thought I would introduce myself properly and say a bit about what I do and why I did it! A few months ago I had a crankshaft bearing fail on my Bosch motor. No problem I thought, as it's out of warranty, I'll strip it down and buy a new bearing. Turned out...
  13. The Strong Goat

    How you get into the ebike business and why?

    Comparatively ebikes business is still something new compared to other business. It will be quite interesting to see how we actually get involved in this in the first place and why. Personally, I learnt about ebike because of my experience of working in a bicycle manufacturer back to 2016 and...
  14. The Strong Goat

    [Driving Test] Mid-Drive+Torque Sensor VS Hub Motor+Cadence Sensor

    Hello everyone, After my post Speed Sensor? Torque Sensor? I can see there really isn't a unanimous answer for this. So I borrowed two bikes from my friend and put them in a very simple: one of them is equipped with Mid-Drive Motor plus Torque Sensor the other equipped with Hub Motor plus...
  15. Stu33

    lights powered from ebattery?

    Hi,I bought a new ebike kit a few months ago, from https://pedalease.co.uk/ its been working fine, it came with a front light which connects to the controller, this wasnt mentioned in the kit description so it was a nice surprise, i wouldnt say its super bright, just medium, they also have...
  16. K

    Kudos Tourer £395 - only 260 miles - London UK

    Hi everyone, I've got a Kudos Tourer Deore-9 up for grabs, in perfect condition, it has literally done 14 commutes or 263.2 miles to be precise (LCD display still has the protective foil on it). After reading great reviews I purchased this bike to commute to work, but quickly realised I really...
  17. A

    Help! Bottom Bracket knobbled, Need to source a new frame ;(

    Hi all. My bike, that Burisch GT250 i bought in 2012 seems to have come to the end of its useful life. The other day i started hearing grinding noise in my bottom bracket, eventually it broke mid-journey. All this occured a few weeks after researching 'bottom braket torque sensors' for a...