1. R

    Help! Lcd setting issues for s830 screen

    Hey guys. I recently purchased an ebike from greenhybridbikes in the uk. While looking through the menu settings i fear i may have changed a couple of parameters and want to be sure they are correct before testing on the road. There are 10 settings. 8 of which i believe are correct/as should...
  2. K

    BBSHD grinding noise issues

    As in the subject line, recently my BBSHD started to make grinding noises when starting up, the chain ring does not spin for about a second or two but then it feels like it ‘gets in the gear’ and is back to normal again. This seems to be an internal issue, nothing seems wrong with bike’s...
  3. stever1957

    How Best to Tackle Hills on a Longer Ride?

    I have yet to buy my first electric bike, but it won't be long now. I'm leaning towards the Woosh Big Bear, as I'm around twenty stones. It seems to me that two main considerations are not to stress the motor excessively and not to expend too much of the battery's charge. Now, given that I'm...