1. O

    [UK]Issues with BH easy motion 29ER neo, need help/advice!

    Ive been using the 29er for about 7 years and it has been working very well until last year around April when it just refused to turn on and hasnt worked since. I am fairly certain the control screen isnt the issue as i have a replacement and neither work, the battery is outputting the right...
  2. K

    Bafang motor to battery issues

    Hi, I’m having issues with the red wire fitting
  3. K


    Does anyone know the exact tool i need to remove this crank. Thank you! Trying to convert to a Bbs02b
  4. J

    Carrera Crossfire with Bafang BBS01b ?

    Has anyone made this conversion? I am worried the chain won't align properly and I might need to upgrade to the bling ring. I have the kit arriving on Monday. Thanks
  5. J

    London self build - tips

    Hi all, First of all i am sure there is a thread similar to what i am going to post so apologies in advance if there is. I work in London doing some pretty long hours and I'm on my feet all day. Using the tube with covid is something I really want to avoid for obvious reasons. I purchased a...
  6. D

    Recon S2 - Joycube JCEB360-11.6 battery not charging

    Hello, I got a bike from the Asian company Recon. Not to be confused with the American Recon e-bike company. I've had it a few years and my battery stopped recharging. I assume it's the charger but not sure how to tell. Honestly, I'm not super technical and am looking for some guidance on what...
  7. O

    Help! Replaced the controller and now the hub motor is making an odd noise

    Years ago I bought a second hand e-bike in pretty bad mechanical condition for dirt cheap. I did all the repairs and it's been running mostly fine all this time, except for intermittent waterproofing issues, specially during the winter. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the LED display finally died...
  8. HannahJade

    Little teapot (short and stout) looking for her first eBike

    Hi All My lockdown goal was to learn to ride a bike, I know at 30 years old you would have thought that would have learnt before now but hey ho. Fast forward to now, I can ride a bike just about and have decided an ebike would be the right fit for me, as I am overweight but also have a...
  9. S

    Carrera vengeance cadence sensor repair

    Hi I own a Carrera vengeance espec ! The pas cadence sensor has broke, I’ve took it to Halfords but they refused to give me an exchange or refund because they had been used ! Because of the pandemic we’re in atm Halfords are unable to order a new sensor in which has left me stuck to get to...
  10. A

    Folding light but powerful your help is needed here

    Hi all, I need your help... I would like to buy foldable but lightweight electric bicycle. As powerful as possible with reasonable price. If needed then I can buy something more expensive in used condition and buy a new battery. Whatever will meet the requirements... I will have to carry it...
  11. V

    Help for first e bike

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, and also to e-bikes in general. I just need some help to find a good value e-bike below 1500, that is going to be used mainly for uber eats in London. I should ride it in the parks from time to time. So I will need good autonomy, and being light is a plus. Don't...
  12. F

    Help! Need advice on how to repair

    I’m in the process of my first build with a conversion kit. Its a front hub motor and when I first got it all hooked up something wasn’t right. With the bike on blocks I pushed the throttle and the motor shuttered a bit. I let off the throttle checked all the wiring and tested it again...
  13. Monkey Tennis

    Help! New to this

    Hi. Im going to build a ebike for the first time, I've read up as much as possible in 24hrs, I've decided on a mid mounted motor but I'm on the world's tightest budget, i just found this and it seems to good to be true, is this crap? It's so cheap, bear in mind i dont need to go fast and far...
  14. B

    Help! Ebike back hub motor help

    I’ve recently bought a second hand converted ebike and after about 2 days riding my back wheels suddenly became lose and after putting back on , every time I activate the throttle the back wheel spins off the bike , I believe the axle is spinning with the wheel please help , thanks
  15. JohnSear

    Carrera Crossfire E21 Error

    I know this bike gets somewhat mixed reviews due to the cutting-out problems. After reading lots of online comments I was reasonably happy that the problems are often related to lose connections and often cable ties have seemed to solve the issue. So I went for a 2nd hand one on ebay. Looks in...
  16. E

    Help! Help building my first ebike

    Hello all, this is the first ebike i'm building and need some advice (this bike is meant for off road purposes). First i'll tell you the parts I have/have bought and are on the way. Donor bike: Is a Giant Talon 3 2018 in good condition Motor kit: Rear hub 1500W 48V motor Battery: 52V 20Ah So I...
  17. G

    Help please, TSDZ2 problem...

    Hi I have recently joined this forum and already need help :confused: After a little research I decided to convert my Carrera Kracken using a TSDZ2 mid motor as I liked the torque sensor feature. I have already been using Aliexpress and found what appears to be a reasonable supplier there...
  18. K

    Seat post help please

    Hi there, I have a Winora Radius ebike, 20" wheels. My stock seat post is 450mm long at 31.6mn. I want to raise the seat height by 100mm minimum to 150mm maximum above the minimum insertion line. I've looked everywhere but the longest (other than Brompton 550/600mm & telescopic) I can find...
  19. J

    Problem with full throttle motor stop pushing

    Hi, I tried to be as specific as possible in the title. This is my problem, I work for an small neighbor and we bought 10 e bikes from a quite professional builder at china. When they sent the sample with bafang hub motor it worked great. Then to make it a little cheaper we decided to use a...