1. J

    magnetic disc problem

    Hi, I`m trying to convert an old rockrider bike,from decathlon, but i`m having a problem with the magnetic disc, it will go on , and when i i turn the pedals it works for pedal assist mode, but the problem is when i tighten the pedal back on about 50% the disc stops moving,and the pedal arms...
  2. Stu33

    ebay ebike kit, anygood?

    Hi, My rear wheel hub motor was damaged, the original kit was £240, but i dont want to spend that much, I was looking on ebay but i`m not sure what they mean by "Still remain the full 1000W power with no speed control.(Only for Pedal Assist...
  3. e_kid

    Are Throttles and Dual Hall Sensors available in different sizes?

    I bought an ebike kit from PSWPower on Aliexpress. The problem I have is that the fixing for the throttle is way too small to fit on my handlebar, and there is also no space for the Dual Hall sensor. I would prefer to keep the original handlebars and not replace them for thinner ones. Are...
  4. E

    PAS with VESC controller

    I am trying to build a PAS on my ebike which uses a VESC controller. I stumbled upon two great projects by
  5. P

    South East London, UK, on a tight budget

    Hello folks! I'm having mixed feelings about my E-bike experience over the past few days... This could very well be down to budget, since I have spent less than £600 and for that I'm now the proud owner of:- B-Twin Riverside Trek 500, Cyclotricity 500W rear wheel, 36v 11Ah Pannier Battery...