1. Wayners

    Riding in the rain footwear

    It's been lashing down and my original plan to attach plastic bags over my feet failed. Well it works but not ideal tbh. I've been looking at options and I'm not messing about with expensive overshoes ect. I've decided to wear wellies:D I can drop waterproof trousers over the top. If they rub...
  2. Wayners

    Oil bike after riding in heavy rain

    Just noticed rust on new chain and freewheel after last weeks downpour. I used 3 in 1 oil and rag over the surface then rag take off excess today. I wonder If I should of sprayed with WD 40 or other when I got home? Any advice? Leashed it down here Friday.
  3. Wayners

    Riding ebike in the rain

    Anyone bother with any ebike protection from rain? I was thinking of cling film around throttle and display as I think I'm going to get wet this week.
  4. Paul Wrighton

    Bosch Intuvia removable console issues

    Recently I have acquired a KTM macina 29 and I'm very happy with it. Today it has been raining a good deal and this has led me to wonder if Bosch designed the contact system for console removal in wet weather or is it inadvisable? Additionally I've seen a YouTube review that shows the unit...