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    Having a front hub motor and a rear hub motor on the same bike ?

    I currently race around the place on a 2020 Carrera Vengeance E-spec which runs off a Suntour rear hub motor. Although this is fine for me the options for upgrading the current Suntour HESC system are next to none without some serious overhaul. Id love to be able to have a throttle and the range...
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    Carrera Vengeance E Spec no drive

    Hi All, I purchased a Carrera Vengeance E Spec bike from cycle Republic in January, I have not had any issues until earlier today when all of a sudden the bike went dead and had no pedal assist. I still have heads up display fully working and the battery seems to be OK and still charges. All...
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    Suntour NCX suspension seatpost

    Short review: Not cheap. Excellent. Buy one. (minimum seat height will be raised by approximately 8cm)
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    Help! Suntour HESC - 00 error

    I've just inherited an unused Carrera Subway E with Suntour HESC fitted that is displaying a flashing 00 error on the display (this is a small display which shows MPH in red digits). I think this indicates a controller or display error? Battery is charging normally and all connections seem to...