swytch kit

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    Advice on Swytch kit bike additional battery

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased and installed a Swytch kit (new MAX Version) on my bike, it seems to work fine and I like the compact design - it works great for my short commute and easy to take battery off etc. However for longer rides the range is not great at all - I can get about 12...
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    Swytch battery DIY upgrade

    Hi All, I have got the new swytch kit and with the Max battery, it is ok for my everyday commutes but it would be impossible engaging in longer rides (unless purchasing additional 3-4 battery packs!) I wonder if anyone tried to create a DIY battery for the swytch kit using the large battery...
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    Swytch battery has died!

    Help! I have a Swytch Pro battery that has died and I don't want to pay $600 for a Swytch replacement. Is there a cheaper battery/controller alternative out there? I live in Maine, USA. Thanks.
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    Swytch Kit - no communication, nobody cares

    Bought the kit in September and the delivery should be, as per order detail, between January and February. I really cannot understand why we have to pay based on a delivery timeframe if Swytch can’t honour it? Yesterday I received only part of my order and, like many people in different fora...