1. G

    So whats the lightest ebike/ moped you can make ?

    What's the lightest bike available I really want one with a throttle if possible. I tried the Fiido D1 but I'm not well and it would be too heavy for me to take on the train. IS this the lightest conversion kit available it looks like it...
  2. K

    Thumb throttle installation help

    Hi I wanted to upgrade my bike with an thumb throttle. The controller on the bike is from Ananda this one The control panel itself is a simple one with leds only, it does have the push up hills assist to 6km/h which I presume is...
  3. gucu

    Thumb Throttle to Twist

    Hi All I have just built my first e-bike and it is amazing fun. I have one issue in that the gears are thumb change and the throttle is also a thumb control. In Cornwall where there are more hills than the rest of the world combined (!), it is frustrating to try to change gears to a better gear...
  4. e_kid

    Are Throttles and Dual Hall Sensors available in different sizes?

    I bought an ebike kit from PSWPower on Aliexpress. The problem I have is that the fixing for the throttle is way too small to fit on my handlebar, and there is also no space for the Dual Hall sensor. I would prefer to keep the original handlebars and not replace them for thinner ones. Are...
  5. A

    Making a torque throttle instead of a speed throttle for a cheap controller

    Hello all, I recently made this device and thought I'd share it with the community, both to help others and to possibly get others to help me. Essentially, it's an Arduino hooked up to the signal from the twist/thumb throttle, a PWM smoothing circuit which is in turn connected to the throttle...
  6. K

    Help! Greenedge CS2 Intelligent screen not turning on, throttle works for few seconds then quits

    I'm having a huge problem finding anyone who can fix this, and all the bike shops in London won't fix an e-bike if it wasn't purchased in the store, otherwise its £££ and I need the bike for work in the first place. One day after my partner bashed the bike in a mini-accident, the bike's...
  7. Tyrone Williams

    PLEASE HELP! Powabyke rebuild 200w motor

    Hi, I bought a 24 speed Euro Commuter about three years ago, and it developed a few faults. Good battery (three 12v matched 15aH less than a year old) and all pretty much fine. Throttle became intermittent, and I eventually had to fit a momentary switch from throttle sensor to earth to get me...
  8. Tyrone Williams

    Powabyke rebuild 200w motor

    Please ignore this; I tried to edit and wrote a new thread, sorry.
  9. F

    Adding Throttle To An E-Bike & Problem

    Hi everyone, Whilst browsing another forum with a question in mind, a member of that forum suggested (to someone with a similar question) asking said question in this forum. To cut a long story short, I've had a "Raleigh Velo XC" e-bike for several years. It's a pedal-assist bike. But I...
  10. Abi-Abster

    Disabled non-peddler seeks speedy hybrid throttle bike for hills

    Evening All! Essentially, I’m looking for a hybrid or off-road bike with a throttle, as due to being disabled I can’t always peddle, even without applying real pressure. Yes, I’m aware of current regulations, but frankly, for me it’s either a throttle or no cycling and no outdoorsiness. Of...
  11. J

    Problem with full throttle motor stop pushing

    Hi, I tried to be as specific as possible in the title. This is my problem, I work for an small neighbor and we bought 10 e bikes from a quite professional builder at china. When they sent the sample with bafang hub motor it worked great. Then to make it a little cheaper we decided to use a...
  12. Abi-Abster

    Which Off-road/ Hybrid for disabled speedster?

    TL;DR: Pedal-free, off-road/ hybrid bike (available on Finance) needed for disabled person (5’9” weighing up to 11st) who likes to go up big hills and dirt tracks. And speed. Evening All! My legs don’t work so well, so I’m looking for an off-road or hybrid bike which doesn’t require me to...
  13. CdRsKuLL

    How to add a throttle to a Carrera Vengeance E Spec

    UPDATED v1.1 code (30/05/2018) Improved the pulse conversion from the throttle Improved the pulse replication from the pedal So, with the kind help from Tony at I've been able to complete this little project. :) He supplied a thumb throttle and a replacement DH Sensor which is...