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Oct 1, 2017

I registered on here almost 3 years ago after being gifted a stolen/recovered Powabike Xbike that was to be polite...a wreck!

I have enjoyed quite a few different bikes - faves being a Saracen mtb in a few different guises, a fixie built on an old Falcon frame a friend at work had in his shed, a front wheel drive recumbent lowracer with a frame I built from scratch, a Charge Cooker 29er in the style of a Cleland, and a Gazelle Primeur Dutch bike.

The Dutch bike was the game changer that showed me just how useful & everyday a bike could (should?) be, and in its absence is the one I am missing. My eldest daughter kindly lets me borrow her hybrid at the mo, but the Powabike frame is now in the works and will be getting a Tongsheng mid drive in the near future, along with much inspiration from a Gazelle Orange :)

A good friend owns a Ridgeback Electron with the Shimano Steps mid drive that I am in love with, hence looking at the torque sensing Tongsheng.

Anyway that's enough waffle - I will post future questions in the relevant forums and there may be plenty :D



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