2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller


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May 19, 2007
SOLD - 2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

Now sold - thanks to everyone for interest

My electric biking days are over for the time being (because I nowadays do lots of non-electric cycling) and I need to tidy up my garage, so I'd like to sell my stock of kits / bits and battery

What I have is this:

Kit 1
- Tongxin motor, 260 rpm, for 100mm dropouts (ie normal front forks) laced into a 700c rim (Mavic). Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre (good condition)
- e-Crazyman sensorless, brushless 36v controller. Unused. I bought this as an alternative to Tongxin’s own ones and asked Keywin (aka eCrazyman) to build it up with robust mosfets to make it more resilient than Tongxin’s own ones. Has pedelec sensor.
- 1 set of cut-out v-brake levers
- 1 thumb throttle
- 1 cut-out handlebar switch
- Torque arm (bought from an eBay supplier in the US, but not used)
Altogether this lot cost about £320

Kit 2
- Tongxin motor, 36v/260rpm, laced into a 700c rim (Mavic). This is a rear motor with a screw thread and a 5-speed freewheel (NB it won't work with >5 speed as there isn't enough axle length. I actually ended up using it as a front motor by spreading the forks and it worked fine)
- Tongxin sensorless, brushless 36v controller. From a 2009 batch (via JohnP) when reliability appeared to be better.
- twist throttle
Cost of this was around £220

1 Ping LiFePO4 battery. 36v/10Ah. (+ charger)
I bought this battery 12 months ago, directly from Ping. Cost was around £260. It was mainly used on a week-long tour of the Netherlands last May, plus a couple of day rides around that time. I then used it on the Ching Challenge in Exmoor last September (when it performed extremely well). It has not been used since, but I have kept a watch on it to see that it did not discharge. As is documented elsewhere on the site, these batteries do have a longer life than other chemistries and I believe it to be in very good condition.
I have fitted it with powerpoles for connection to a bike.

Extra controller
1 controller for a brushless motor with sensors (eg Bafang or similar - not for Tongxin). eCrazyman, 36v. Unused in its box.

I'd prefer to sell everything together, and it would be a bit of a pain to post so collection is preferred (London). The whole lot cost me about £800. As the parts are not new and, to be honest, I've had a lot of fun out of them, I would accept £400.

Please let me know if you’d like more details or photos of any particular bits

If you’d like more background do ask. Also, all of my projects are documented at great length on the forum. If you are interested, do have a search in my old postings, or let me know and I can dig out some of the relevant threads.

I'll leave this up here for a little while. If there are no takers I'll auction off the bits separately.

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Jan 20, 2010
Im interested in the ecrazyman 36v controller, what is the wattage rating (i need 350w) & how much are you after for the controller if there is no interest in the entire kit.



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Mar 7, 2009
Hi i could be interested in kit 1 + battery if price is right, not sure if comes with forks ,thanks.



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May 19, 2007
Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with offers for some of the parts. I would rather get rid of everything though!

So I'll leave it up for another week or so to see if anyone wants it all.



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Nov 24, 2009
kit 1

Hiya Frank
Im in London too. Did you ever sell the kit?, Im almost new to all this power assist (having given up when I got rid of that ZETA in the 90's!)

I would love to cut across my 15 mile a day cross town-er commute with the front hub kit and a battery. Guess Im just getting old.

If you still have it drop us a line.....