Ampere Tourer ebike...any views?


Mar 6, 2021
Anybody got any experience or knowledge of Ampere Tourer/Tourer S (or even Ampere Deluxe) ebikes please? Looking for one for me and one for wife (I'm 6ft 75kg, she's 5'6" and probably (not brave enough to ask!) nearer 80kg)

The specs look pretty good to me including hydraulic brakes, front suspension (yes I know it's low end Suntour but hopefully better than none) and fairly lightweight (20 kg quoted). Plus you can get a 16ah battery on the Tourer for £1449 so as it's 36volt thats 576wh so,at say 15wh per mile, that's around 40 miles which is fine. Big plus...they are in stock.

The alternatives I've been looking at are the 1) NCM Milano Plus at £1599. 48v and 764wh so better battery/motor, suspension seat posts, better Acera gears and better LCD display but 27kg rather than 20kg so quite a lot heavier 2) Ezego Commute INT @ £1199 but mech disks, no suspension, 36v / 400wh battery so more limited range (plus wife not keen on height or crossbar even the sloped one on the 15" frame). However to me it's a neater design and still only 20kg. Other thoughts include the Oxygen S Cross II

Much as the Woosh ones look good the lead times are ruling them out at the moment (unless we both go for Santana CDs which are very good value but not so 'attractive' plus not so sure how the wife would get on with the crank drive )

Any input gratefully received.
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