Bafang SWXK kit on Dawes Discovery 201 finally works


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Apr 24, 2013
Well it works. I had to bodge and bend the PAS sensor (or 'rig it up', not sure which) with cable ties because it wouldn't fit on the crank side on which it belonged. After my many weeks building, unbuilding, and rebuilding this kit setup I now feel an unexpected sort of intimate involvement with the whole machine, especially the electrics.

I was surprised to find that it went up Barnet Hill at a full 15mph and will do 20 on the flat unless I put assistance to 60 per cent only. I did a run all the way from Potters Bar to St Pancras last night, 15 miles, after buying a very good mirror called the Mirrycle. About 1hr 20 mins.

Now planning a trip to Calais via Southeastern Rail's London to Calais Day Tripper ticket, £26 from Charing Cross to Calais anytime day return on a railcard. Small supplement for HS1. £17 from Gillingham.

Southeastern kindly said if P&O had an issue about there being no booking for a bike (there is no option for that) I should ask P&O to call their customer services to confirm Southeastern authorise the bike.

Now just need some good weather.
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