Battery dead on my Couger MTB e-bike


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Jun 16, 2007
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I have not been active on here for a long time, sadly, not been cycling much either.
I decided the other day to use my Couger MTB e-bike.
Originally it was powered by a 36v SLA battery but I had a li-po4 battery made for it., it's only used for leisure riding.
I attempted to charge the battery but I could not get it to charge up fully (charger lights would not go green).
I decided to tested the e-bike out and all worked ok.
I came back home and attempted to charge the battery again but the battery would not take any charge at all.
Removed the top of the battery and can see the fuses have melted, so I have possibly had a battery meltdown.
Had a quick look at the new suppliers and things have moved on since I bought my MTB.
I do like my MTB bike (she's a beast) but I paid close to £250 for my li-po4 battery, not really wanting to fork out for another expensive battery again.
Thinking it may be best to put it back to SLA, sell it and look for something newer.
Anyone able to advise, on what cheap options are available these days, for batteries or sources for replacements internals?
Thanks in advance.

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If it's only the fuse, why not replace it and the fuse-holder with one of the correct rating.