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Aug 18, 2015
My bike is a fun2ride looks like a scooter.
I'm modding the controller from 15amp to a bit more for toque it weighs in 36kg I think.
Need it to last 10 miles but with the extra torque and I'm 12 stone. Incorporated
It's got a baby 200 watts continuous brushless motor.
15amp 36volt controller.
I was running cheap nasty batteries at 20ah. With no issues.
I'm not again building my own pack
The storage space I have is 25cm X 15cm (max) X 8cm.
18560 cells are obvious choice.
Or 3 12v
Are there better batteries to use.
What mAh and brands are good.
Look forward bro info. UK purchable stuff preffered cheers


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Aug 7, 2014
West Sx RH
Lithium is the answer a soft pack will fit that space, a soft pack being a heat shrunk finished pack without a hard case. You can add your own padding to help protect it and stop it rattling about.
Seller Marley on Ebay might be an option, he builds and sells batteries. He has 18650 batteries 20cm x 15cm x 7cm or 7.5cm ones using 21700 cells, they should fit but if using him make contact to be 100% certain.
Items for sale by marley4004 | eBay
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