BBS02 Issues!


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Jan 30, 2016
Evening, I have just purchased the bbs02 kit 750, done a nice tidy install on the bike. When I first used it - the motor was whisper quiet and I generally felt very very happy with the purchase/build etc. After 1 days commute it sounded horrible (40 miles) and now i'm afraid to use it. I have taken a few videos which have been emailed to the uk supplier - but I was wondering if these were 'normal' complaints?



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Feb 26, 2010
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In the first video, when you spin the crank by hand, it sounds like your final drive needs some extra grease on it. Easy enough to do. Remove the 7 screws from the side cover and pack in some of this on the large cog and small cog:

Bafang are super stingy with greasing at the factory, so pack it in there. I use a syringe to inject it between the cog teeth.

In the second video, it's just the sound of the pawls in the crank housing making it's operational clicking noise. It looks like you've not connected the brake cut-offs, which means the motor will fight against the drivetrain when you brake, thus making extra noise. You really should connect them up if you don't want to damage the motor and controller.

The third video, the motor does sound a bit noisy, but it could be down the final drive needing extra grease, as mentioned earlier.
Also, make sure you've tightened all the fixing bolts and nothing is loose.

BTW, the pedals spinning on their own happens on mine too. It's perfectly normal and can be used as cruise control if you want :p
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