Help! Best option for New controller and LCD display!.


Nov 28, 2010
My 36v standard cheap generic ebike has a controller or display fault?.. diagnosis is an issue, so I'd rather just start again.

So I'm planning on a new controller and LCD, I'm keeping the 36v battery and 250w rear bafang motor and throttle and pas.

What are my best options? eBay if full of configurations and options. Is there a go to controller and display that everyone is using?...

Btw I'm happy with soldering and modifications I know not all systems are plug and play.

Any help would be much appreciated .

Any more information needed just let me know, cheers members


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Jun 12, 2011
Having a quick look think I'm going to go for something like this, what are your thoughts?..


that one is OK, but very expensive. you can get the same thing from for about £80.

Also, it's 22A and a bit bigger than the 15A one. Can your cheap0 battery supply 22 amps continuous? That's pushing it for some.

finally, i prefer the type with block connectors because it's easier to diagnose any problems that might develop. it's almost impossible to get a meter on that moulded type and the connectors can give problems if you ride in the winter.
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Nov 28, 2010
That's great thank you vfr400. Yes your right I don't think my battery or BMS will push that.

Do you have a link I could check out?.. thanks again, great advice


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Jul 5, 2021
I have just completed a controller/display swop on a Carrera Vulcan E spec, and used this pair -
No problems installing, been working fine now for a couple of weeks, makes a much more interesting ride, and for off road, using the throttle gives max power just when needed! You will of course need to add your choice of throttle and pas . This is my first attempt at this and if I can do it , you can too. I will add that this controller is very small ( 9* 5.3* 3Cm) ( I managed to place it in the same housing as the original.)
The downsides ? - well, for controller pundits who want access to be able to tweak all the parameters, this is not for you, and the display may well not, or the controller may not, work with other brands/types. There are very few options and access to params , but gives the basics of what is needed, especially given the price tag.
Good Luck and take care.