Blepharitis and eye issues


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Apr 5, 2011
I've just had the delight of having needles stuck in my eye tear ducts and syringes of solution pumped through them. Awesome

It turns out I have blepharitis too. A kind of condition where your oil ducts next to eyelashes are blocked or not working properly

Means your tears are sub standard and generally eye irrigation doesn't work properly.

Gives me plenty grief when cycling and other walks of life. Been told warm Compresses and eye drops can help and is quite common (and incurable but manageable)

Anyone else have this or any personal tips on dealing with it?


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Nov 7, 2017
West West Wales
I had some time suffering from dry eyes which caused lots of issues. The lessons I learned:

Avoid all preservatives in eye drops. Many of the less expensive eye drops contain something like benzalkonium chloride. Although a lot of us can tolerate that to begin with, repeated use seems to cause sensitivity. So each use actually ends up making it worse.

Many suggest baby bath liquid and warm water eye washing. For reasons no-one seems to have fathomed, it helps more than just water. (Don't use baby shampoo - oddly, that does not have to conform to the same strict standards as baby bath. While Asda baby shampoo was fine, for me, Johnson & Johnson shampoo was awful. But their baby bath is OK.)

Consider using thicker gels at night. For example, Lacri-lube. Or preservative-free single dose ViscoTears. There are several other good proucts but these are trhe ones I have actually used.

Consider if you have any other disorder which could be contributing to your eye problems.