Help! Bosch Classic+ Line (Scott eAspect 29er 2012) Intermittent Motor Issue


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Jun 12, 2019
Hi all! Thanks in advance for any insights into my problem.

I'm a life long bicycle mechanic who knows nothing about electronics other than not to stick a fork into an outlet more than three times. I own a 2012 Scott eAspect 29, the European model.

This bike sat unused for a few years and recently I managed to piece together the charger (OEM), a step transformer, the battery adapter and finally got her on the road. What a great feeling to not have to fret the giant hill half way to my home.

Recently the motor started to become intermittent. I'll pedal with power for three / four rotations then suddenly the motor disengages. No more assist. But as soon as I start to pedal again it does the same thing. 3 - 4 rotations with power then nada. I've almost found a rhythm to ride like this but I know it's not ideal.

The next issue is that my HMI display is cracked and unreadable, therefore I can't read the 'Troubleshooting Code.' I know there are potential resolutions like 'Buy A New Display' or 'Take It To The Shop.' Yes I know those options exist it's just that I'm on a really tight budget in life right now so I'm seeking some insights and possible solutions here.

So, #1, anyone encounter this type of issue before? #2, are you aware of any Bosch mechanics in Canada (preferably Toronto) who have experience with the European versions of this motor or bike? #3, how much 'updating' is required by this era Bosch motor? #4, I'm a rather competent bicycle mechanic so do you think it'll be possible for me to replace the HMI display with the Bosch Intuvia display myself?

I know I've missed some key points but I'm sure your questions will bring out more info. Thank you all again for any potential insight and assistance.

Sincerely, Mike from Toronto, Canada.