Camper Vans and E-Bikes


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Nov 9, 2007
Perhaps its time for a roll call.

There have been a few mentions of camper vans on here, enough to make me wonder if its one of those strange combinations that actually turn out to be quite common. For instance, an awful lot of radio amateurs marry teachers. But I digress, how many people on here have also got camper vans?

I've got a Compass Avantgarde 5 berth. So far I've carried an e-bike inside it, pedal hooked round a cabinet so it stays put when braking. I haven't tried a rear rack yet. There is a full width rear frame for my towbar, so a bike mount could go on that, but I may well end up using a trailer.



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Sep 1, 2007
Peterborough, UK
Hi Nick

Mine is a Bilbo's Celex.
Lovely people to work with, particularly if you enjoyed VW vans in previous eras.

Current models are based on the VW T5 van, long or short wheelbase.

Using the Fiamma rack on the back, I have carried an ezee Torq and Kalkhoff ProConnect together, down to Provence and back with no issues. But the rack is about chest high, and so heavier bikes can be quite a lift.

A point to note is that a standard Fiamma bike rack uses channel sections that are too short for an ebike.

Fortunately, Fiamma sell longer channel sections that can be added singly depending on the number of ebikes being carried. Standard length 128 cms, longer rail is 140 cms called the Fiamma Quick 140. Page down on the link.



Oct 25, 2006
I don't know where everyone is Nick, it must be Christmas!

I had the impression that many in the forum had camper vans and had mentioned them, but a search shows only these unspecified types in addition to JamesC above:

dodgyal, who has an LPG van

Footie with a campervan

eddieo with a motorhome

gyro with a camper van

sasha has a campervan

CheKmx says his parents have a camper van

electric.mike has a poor mpg camper

gullrock has a campervan

and of particular interest to you,

Mike Robinson says he has an ambition to build a Pietenol Air Camper

second Pietenol link
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Sep 28, 2008
Warlingham, Surrey
I don't have a camper van, but I do have a 7-seater van which we use as the living-room when we go camping...

My agattu has only been in the back one time so far though when I needed to collect the van from the local train station after a night on the town. It didn't fit very well at all.

My parents have a motorhome.. and a powercycle windsor strapped to the back of it :)


Jul 7, 2008
I've got this:

Eura Mobil

But want one of these:)

Eura Mobil

Only joking as on a restricted license (diabetic) and can only drive 3500kg:rolleyes:


Dec 14, 2006
Hi everyone.
I have a motorhome started with a Swift Royal and have carried my torq 1
and a Forte on a bike rack on the back down through France into Spain.
I now have a Ci Renault with a garage that I can get my scooter in but not
my torq , so I now have 2 folding bikes to take instead( I am not saying which bikes but they have Tongxin motors in the front wheel and will climb any hill you put it up:D .
I have been to Brussels and Germany this year(not much call for the hill climbing ability)
Next year Scotland a good test I hope.



Oct 25, 2006
Hi flecc,

Different type of camper, as you of course realise. But not irrelevant - a guy in the same hangar is building one.

I guessed you'd have known of it of course Nick, but interesting that you have one being built under your nose.


Mar 17, 2008
Herefordshire, HR2
No camper van, but I do have a 12 seat LDV 200 Minibus (from which I've removed the 3 rear seats) to cope with my 4 children and 3 step-children.

I often cart my Wisper about in it, and quite often I've removed all the seats, lobbed in a mattress, and sneaked off for a weekend away from the kids.




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Jun 16, 2007
Cornwall. PL27
Our two-berth campervan is a converted seventeen-seat minibus.
We would like a newer one but with parking space at a premium and the crappy parkers (doors regularly chip the vans paintwork) we'll stick with the old bus for now.
Not taken the electric bike with us yet and seemingly not likely to, as the wife is not into cycling – despite my numerous attempts to encourage her. Just picked up a 125cc scooter and rack so that will be going with us next year when we go off exploring – the VN800 is too big and heavy to put on the new rack and I don’t like the idea of putting my precious on a trailer :eek:
I have a whole page dedicated to our nineteen-year-old Talbot Express van at our home page :cool:
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Feb 21, 2007
I have a Romahome. It is 18 years old with only 60,000 on the clock. When I'm not using the Twist, I put my Brompton behind the passenger seat. All very minimalist.
Merry Christmas to everyone.


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May 31, 2008
North Essex
No current camper van, but I have had 3 VW type 2's in the past. I also owned a Fiat 900 which was tiny, but good fun. They're definitely complimentary modes of transport. I think my ideal set up would be a VW t4 van & a Wisper 905, although I think my wife might take some convincing on this viewpoint!!