Can I limit speed of HS Bosh smart system motor retrospectively


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Jun 11, 2024
Does anyone know whether it is possible to retro-restrict an Bosh Cargo HS smart system motor?
I am looking to buy a second hand bike but the motor is currently not speed limited.
I don't feel particularly comfortable purchasing an e-bike that is not road-legal in the UK.

I know you can set a max speed on the Bosh app, but apparently that does not make it conform to UK laws.

Many thanks


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Aug 23, 2023
I dont know your prospective bike, a pic would help.. but unless its got a huge dinner plate motor, looks like a tractor, or is not restricted and ridden at fast speeds, the chances of getting stopped etc are low with the huge total of something like 260 ebike actually confiscated in 2022.

Never been stopped myself but get the impression all plod will do is look for the sticker (available on ebay) with the relevant EN number and test the max speed with the back wheel lifted off the ground..