Can you make a 500w rear hub work with a 17.5ah 36v batt


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Jun 8, 2018
You are already getting a peak of 576w power according to the specs.

What you get from a 500w motor will depend a lot on the controller; also whether it is a direct drive hub (as many higher powered ones are) or geared. If its direct drive it may go faster but will probably be worse on hills than what you have already. If its geared then it will depend very much on the controller. The specs just say 'OXYGEN Cloud Drive' for controller; which is not very informative (and the 'cloud' connotation is odd for a controller).


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Jun 12, 2011
All you need to do is add a blob of solder to the shunt in the controller. 20% more power for zero cost. Your motor is already a 500w one labelled 250w.