controller connections


Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 8, 2021
See previous post. Finally got a replacement controller for Elise ebike after a guy before me crossed over the wiring on a new throttle control.
Can anyone help me identify the connections from the pinout pic.
The ones I am unsure about are Aux.Power, Help Plug, Low level line, and Twisted wire .
I assume the 3 speed plug is the twist throttle , not sure about the Meter plug but maybe feed to on off sw. and supply to R,O, G battery level .
I believe the Learning plug is to reverse direction.
Happy with rest of connections and have lots of soldering already done on replacement but don't want to risk any guess work with the remaining connections. Probable aware I won't need them all for the basic model i have.
Any additional help will be much appreciated. Jackho


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