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Nov 5, 2013
Has anyone got an SO6S 36 volt sine wave controller for sale, my one will not run the PAS.
hope someone has spare or one no longer in use.
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That's interesting. I've just got one of those 09 bottle batteries that also has no PAS function. I was wondering if it was a faulty display, but it has a moulded round connector so I can't test it with my S06S one or vice versa. I have exactly the same display and connector with my Xofo kit, but when I hooked up the display, it switched on, but not even the throttle worked. It could be that the throttle mode is set to PAS start or something and the parameter is stored in the display. I'll have to get that installed now to find out.

I've got a new S06S controller you can have for cost price. Send me a message.