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Gary F

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Sep 15, 2021
I have a 2021 Cube Reaction Pro 500 which has a standars ACID E-Crank, 38T . I have just had to change the cassette having worn through the smallest 12th gear after 4000 miles. I do find it under-geared for me as I spend 95% of my time on that cog. Has anybody fitted a larger crank cog to this bike. There doesn't look a great deal of room with the frame recess. Any info much appreciated


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Jul 13, 2017
Perthshire Scotland
I use my MTB (Cube Reaction Race 500) for climbing, mostly in the hills etc, so I did the opposite, I changed the crank to a smaller one, so I can climb Munro's etc.

It was just a case of finding the correct crank cog and fitting it, I had to shorten my chain by a few links also as I was "downsizing"

From memory I just started to Google it and found a site which sold just the thing.

Not difficult to change, just getting the right one was the issue.

You could also change the cassette in the rear wheel for a different range if you can, might be an easier option.

Here is an example -

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