Cycle carrier advice please


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Apr 10, 2021
Hi, my wife and I have just got e-bikes and would appreciate advice on Tow Bar carriers. The issue is that they are stagger frames and we are not sure if they will fit nice and easily to something like the Thule VeloSpace XT 2 or 3.
If someone has any experience of what would work really appreciate assistance. We do like Thule model because of the added security, but it seems no one has in stock, assembled to check.




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Aug 2, 2017
I am not seeing the issues you might specifically face with step through frames?
The bikes are likely to have to be "nested", facing opposite ways.
The VeloSpace featues a wide "bed" thus separating crank/pedal clashes ought to be as good as it gets.
Concerns could be how wide the outer bike tyres sit if you exploit the Velo's wide deck; some officials in places might question the amount the tyres stick out.


Mar 30, 2019
Hi Stevo7, as mentioned in the other thread, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. My rack is an Easyfold (from memory) XT2, one of those you mention. Before this, for non electric bikes, my rack was the sort where the bikes were suspended. This setup required careful adjustment and it was always a hassle to get the bikes aligned and threaded on the hangers.

On the XT2, carrying two ebikes without crossbars, I don’t have a loading plan. I put on one bike, then the other. It always works out without fuss. The way the moveable short and long arms adjust all over the place makes mounting so easy. Every time I mount the carrier and the bikes, it is so quick and easy that I always say to myself “damn, that was good”. Once loaded, bikes and carrier are rock solid.

The only two negatives are
1. high price - but I found a good deal at the time
2. weak cable clips that hold the lighting wires to the carrier frame. Easily replaced by vastly overpriced replacement clips or, in my case, by cable ties

Before I purchased my rack, I found one on display in Halfords and took my two bikes in the shop to check the fit.