Cycling shorts / trousers

Trevor Holloway

May 4, 2010
Given that the weather is getting better now (apart from the frosts which will no doubt kill off the early plants) does anyone know of a supplier of cycling shorts or trousers that are not made of lycra ?

Anything that is advertised as for cycling seems to be skin tight, now although I am a bit fitter than last year, I still do not want to expose the world, all be it a very small part of it, to that.


Esteemed Pedelecer
Feb 2, 2011
I too would also be interested in this information since I keep putting holes in my jeans round my crotch.

Wouldn't be so bad but there now wearing down my pants and I work in an office full of women (work for a fashion retailer sounds better than it is) and given the hot weather I'm sure they won't appriciate the left testicle saying hello...


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Apr 10, 2011
You can of course wear your lycra shorts under a pair of baggy casual shorts as I do.

I still like to have padding between myself and the saddle.



May 10, 2007
Isle of Man
For shorts I wear cycling 'baggies' from the local bike shop. Not close fitting, and they have suitable padding in the vital area. For long trousers I strongly recommend Ron Hill Bikesters. They are not tights but are narrow legged, made of stretchy material so they 'give' comforably as you cycle, and have loops that go under the foot so they don't ride up. Whilst close fitting they don't shape to your legs like tights which are not flattering for us older riders! You can get them with thin flourescent piping up the outside of the legs. They have no padding but you can buy cycling underwear (or shorts) to remedy that. I can't say I would go shopping in them but I find them an excellent compromise between tights and ordinary trousers whilst riding.
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