May 20, 2015
The DfT yesterday published the ‘summary of responses’ to its consultation on the future of mobility. The Future of Urban Mobility Strategy pulls together responses from organizations and individuals, local authorities, transport organizations and trade associations.
The resulting strategy sets out 9 key principles that will shape the government’s decision-making to ensure future transport is ‘safe, accessible and green’. A core part of the strategy will be a regulatory review of traffic laws to ensure legislation keeps pace with the “opportunities” offered by new mobility technology.
Current congestion on our roads contributes to time lost to the economy, air pollution and a lack of physical activity, according to the document. While congestion costs the UK economy an estimated £2 billion a year, reliance on cars is seen as one reason that 64% of UK adults are overweight – whilst also being an inefficient use of space.
Key principles to secure a ‘21st century transport system’...
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