Disc brake noise, rubbing pads

Jon Matthews

Aug 22, 2018
Hi, Guys and Gals,

I've had an annoying ticking sound from the front wheel of my bike which has hydraulic disc brakes, for ages. I'm not that experienced in cycling but dont want to go back to the dealer.

So my first thought was the pads were worn, and I fitted new ones, same problem. Then I thought my disc (rotor) could be warped and thought about replacing it. Then I realised, when I swapped out the perfectly good pads for the new ones, I'd not aligned the caliper. I did a few searches and came up with a Park Tool video that sorted my problem. Many of you may know this, but I didnt, it's such a simple fix.
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Esteemed Pedelecer
Nov 10, 2014
West Wales
A while ago I too had an annoying tick. I went through the above procedure, on the work stand, but couldn't get rid of it. It was when examining the disc with my finger tips, that I found the tiniest burr in the middle of one face. It was like a little pit with a raised bit. So small I could hardly see it, but my fingers felt it. Took it off with a nail emery board (don't tell she who must!) and all was well.
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