Discovering the shortcuts


Jun 26, 2007
I am absolutely amazed at how little I knew about the area where I have lived for over 20 years.

Until 4 weeks ago I was a motorist only. Everywhere I went was by car.
Every journey started the same way: Down to traffic lights - Up Main Road - Take Roundabout onto dual carriageway!

Yesterday I went on my bike to see a friend who lives about 4 or 5 miles from me. He is on the outskirts of town (a bit countryfied.) I travelled the route above, keeping on the cycle path by the dual carriage way - even then, the blast from passing lorries was a bit concerning!

After my visit, my mate said "What way are you going back" - I said "The same way I got here". He just pointed at a dead end lane opposite his house (Rebels Lane) and said "Go down there and follow the footpath".

I rode down the road passing little cottages I had never seen before and the road petered-out into a dirt track with no signposts. I followed the track which took me along the edge of the golfcourse and just kept going until it led to a rather dark gloomy footway underpass. As I approached the underpass I recognised the stretch of dual carriageway I had travelled earlier.

The underpass took me through a housing estate and some allotments until I noticed the large block of flats that I regularly drove past in my car on the main road near my house. I followed two more side roads and then was in familiar territory. The end of my own road!

I couldnt believe it - I knew the golf course was there but never thought it would be a shortcut saving me about 2 miles and hardly seeing another vehicle all the way home!

I am now studying my locat street map for shortest routes to everywhere.



Oct 25, 2006
Yes it's great isn't it Richard. For the sixteen years since I retired I also walk all over the surrounding countryside and urban areas and that reveals even more of the nooks and crannies, not to mention the hidden wildlife.

It's sad to think that people who always travel for short breaks and holidays often know little about where they live, and all due to the car.