Help! Dongle on latest Bosch or Yamaha? Been told the software can tell.


Aug 10, 2020
That is not going to happen, I have been using a Bosch Activeline plus for nearly 2 years and covered over 2500 miles and often go over 25 mph on the straight using just pedal power (no dongles or speedchips) and have had no problems at all.
Good to hear that, but the announcements of Bosch is just recent, so your software is not yet falling under the Bosch voluntary anti-tuning measures.


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May 1, 2018
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So - Bosch is "out" for me as well, not that i really want to break any laws, but every software has problems and I dont want to see me going to Bosch each time to "free up" the blocked engine because I was pedaling with 20 miles an hour and the "smart" software concluded that I tuned the engine with some dongle or so...
I would be extremely surprised if you have to take your bike back to a dealer every time you travel at say 20 miles an hour using your own pedal power. Remember the motor switches off at 15.5 mph, so the software would know this and so it would not matter what speed you are travelling at as the motor would not be running and you would not be cheating the system.

If there is a fault in the software (certainly a possibility), then this will very quickly come to light. Dealers would be reporting back to Bosch that this was happening because their customers would be up in arms if they had not hacked their motors but the software was saying that they had.

Also forums such as this would be full of people posting about this problem, the 2020 motors have been out for quite some time and I haven't read about anyone having this problem.
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