Help! E 07 error shown - Excelvan Ebike


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Jul 5, 2019
Hi everyone,

I am (or actually my girlfriend is) the owner of a Chinese ebike that I bought on eBay. The bike was running fine, with her weight she managed to reach about 23 mph which was a really impressive speed for such a tiny machine.

Once she has told me that she hit the pothole and the bike started to suddenly run faster. A few weeks later while turning on, the bike has shown an E 07 error on the LCD screen, the motor made a silent squeak then the wheel started to spin for half a second then stopped. Every next attempt ended the same way.

I have read that this issue (e07) on some other bikes was related to a motor fault, then I noticed that people are replacing their hall sensors in order to fix it.

Once I opened the wheel and located the hall sensors, I tried to pull out one of them - came out from the inside easily, the second one - wires literally snapped, did not really need to apply any force they just came off.

So here are my questions:
1) Is this issue going to be related to hall sensors?
2) What hall sensors should I replace my current ones with? The models are unreadable and all I can say is that the left and right ones are black and the middle one is white.

Attaching some pictures as well, hopefully, someone has seen that motor before or something.

I should also add that I am a complete newbie in a topic of brushless motors, so I may ask some dumb questions.