E-Road Bike Project


Finding my (electric) wheels
Oct 13, 2019
Hi Guys... A time has come when i think I'm ready to put my Halfrauds Carrera Subway - E to garage and upgrade to something better, build for my needs. It was cool bike, but cant get around those thick tyres, and 15 mph assist limit.
So I'm bringing my road bike back to live, going to sand it off to bare aluminium, spray it in black matte (some primer off course and clear matt coat to finish it off. Wack a rack and some commuter bags at the back, and whats most important I will need to electrify it :D

That's where the problems start. I never installed a kit myself. I don't think assembling it will give me any trouble, its just putting all parts together. Right controller, all the cables, all stuff that I don't even know I need.

I've seen kits like this EBAY Bafang 500w Rear Hub, but I don't really trust ebay, especially when they say that this is 470 RPM with max speed 38-40 km/h (23-24 mph). Seems like it should go quicker with that high RPM.

Think I might save few quid and get what I really if i buy directly from reputable source like pswpower. Can you guys help me put all kit parts that I will need to buy?

I want to go for bafang rear hub geared 500w engine. I'm hoping for 23 mph minimum, to 30 mph max speed. Quicker it is better i guess (its cool as long as i can control max speed with settings within display) so I guess I need a specific controller for that. I'm not worried by weight and I want great range so I want big battery, I have 48v 17.5 Ah in mind. Twist throttle and pedal sensors off course, and one of those nice colourful lcd displays (think its P750C that I really like). I've currently got V-brakes, but but might upgrade to mech disc brake (at least front) in near future, so I will need some mechanical break leavers or sensors.
Rear hub should be already mounted onto the 700C wheel as lacing it myself scares me :)
If someone has similar setup or knows good supplier and cant point me to right parts, cables, extensions it would help me greatly!

Thanks in advance guys!