Ebike Crash!


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Oct 26, 2019
So I crashed my Riese & Muller Delite ebike yesterday on a tarmac road. Luckily I wasn’t hurt apart from a few scratches and bruises.

Anyway, apart from the front light falling out and a few surfaces scratches; the main damage to the bike appears to be a really strong clicking or possibly grinding sound at a certain part of the pedal revolution, there’s also some added resistance at this certain point. The bike landed on the left side so I think some force was applied to the left pedal while it was sliding across the floor.

In your opinion guys, is this likely to be crank arm / crankset damage or could the bearing/cog of the internal motor have gotten twisted out of place? And how is a repair likely to cost either of the crankset and/or the whole Bosch motor?

Obviously I have insurance on such an expensive bike so fortunately that will cover most of the costs.

it has a Rohloff gearing system with a chain by the way, not the carbon drive.
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May 23, 2015
hard to say unless you look inside the motor but you could have broken a cir clip and is letting a gear move around inside the motor.

if it has warranty id take it to the dealer first.


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Apr 24, 2013
Wow. Glad you're OK. I would second Soundwave on approaching the dealer, warranty or no, simply in order to get an assessment of what's wrong, and a quote for the repair. You might want to shop around, for cost or expertise. Your insurer may say they require you to contact them within a short time period, sometimes immediately, just to let them know the accident has happened.
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