Ebikes for the disabled?


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Aug 27, 2007
Hi there,
I'm new to the forum and shamelessly asking for advice already! My kids and I are keen cyclists, but unfortunately my wife had an accident (aboard a bus not a bike) some time ago and lost her leg. She can still sit on a bike, but can't pedal. She would very much like to get out and about cycling with the family, but is it realistic to expect an electric bike to be able to take her any distance or up any form of hill? We would love to get cycling again and I'm afraid my wife impulsively bought a cheap chinese scooter on the promise that that would do the trick. Of course it was effectively useless, losing its charge after about 5 mins and not going up the slightest gradiant. Anybody know of anything powerful enough out there for someone who can't pedal? I'm quite happy to pay alot for something good, I just don't want her to be disappointed again. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks



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Jan 16, 2007

welcome and one of the main points of a forum is an exchange of knowledge.

i will leave the tech answer to somebody else but the short answer is yes, i once worked with a bloke with a false leg he altered a normal bike so one pedal free wheeled and he did all the work with his good leg.
the right ebike with throttle control and a spare battery i don't see why not.



Oct 25, 2006
Welcome Steve, giving help and advice is what we're here for. :)

It depends on the steepness of the hills. If the steepest is 10% (1 in 10), then it's possible for someone up to about 70 kilos (11 stones).

The best for that is the eZee Quando, it will pull away from standstill and will even do a restart on a hill up to 10% without pedalling. It has no gears being just a single speed, so ideal for someone who doesn't pedal, despite which it's runs at the full legal limit and a bit above, around 15 to 17 mph on the flat, so easily keeps with other bikes and e-bikes.

As a bonus it folds if wanted, but is a full size bike with 45" wheelbase. It's range without pedalling is around 15 miles, depending on how hilly the terrain is. The Quando I is for taller people over 5' 6", the Quando II for those shorter than that.


The Forte and Forza models from the same supplier will also do that climbing in the same way, but are a lot dearer and you'll be spending on gears that won't be used.
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Apr 1, 2007
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I agree, a Quando would be ideal, and this is one application where the lack of gears would be an advantage through saving weight and complexity. As Mike has pointed out a second battery would be a good idea though, to prevent any posibility of being stranded.


Jul 9, 2007
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hello steve.. may i ask is your wife above or below knee amputee? does your wife suffer from any other disabilty? you may pm if you dont want to share this on a forum...